Turkey-Syria earthquake: How to provide help for those affected

Fundraising for the Turkey and Syria earthquake

In light of the devastating earthquakes and the destruction caused by the Turkey-Syria earthquakes on the 6th February 2023, Newcross has donated toward the ShelterBox charity appeal. If you would like to also donate to those affected by the earthquakes at the Turkey-Syria border, please follow the link below.

Following the initial earthquake, there were powerful aftershocks. Sadly there was also a second earthquake on Monday 20 February 2023 that caused further damage and more aftershocks. These earthquakes killed over 45,000 people, injured over 100,000, and damaged almost 60,000 buildings. They have left a huge number of people in need of aid and support.

Presently, many peoples’ homes have been destroyed or badly damaged, leaving them homeless. Combined with freezing temperatures, this poses a grave risk to many peoples’ lives. Especially in Syria, buildings were already vulnerable due to the damage caused during the country’s civil war.

To help those affected by the devastating Turkey-Syria earthquake, we have donated £100,000 to ShelterBox, a registered charity who provide shelter, essential items and technical assistance to help some of the world’s most vulnerable people following a disaster.

ShelterBox are helping people affected by the Turkey-Syria earthquake in a range of different ways, including:

  • Sourcing emergency tents which have been flown to the area
  • Arranging trucks of aid carrying thermal blankets and other supplies
  • Providing winter coats for children in Syria

To donate to this very worthy cause and learn more about the charity’s vital work, please visit the ShelterBox website.

Our thoughts are with everyone who has been impacted by this disaster.

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