Voices of Care: Newcross Healthcare launches new podcast

Social care podcast launch

As one of Britain’s largest independent health and social care employers, Newcross Healthcare is bringing together wisdom and insight for a new podcast series, Voices of Care. The series will focus on the challenges and solutions that could lie ahead for the healthcare sector. 

The Voices of Care podcast is available across SpotifyApple Podcasts and YouTube. Leaders from NHS Trusts, Health Boards, and care associations, as well as experts across recruitment, development, and strategy, will share their thoughts on how they can work together to enable the workforce of the future. 

Host Suhail Mirza, Newcross non-executive director, draws on his experience to facilitate a conversation that seeks a new innovative approach. 

“We don’t have all the answers, but we’re willing to ask the questions,” says Suhail. “I think that’s what makes Voices of Care such an opportune project. It’s a chance to listen and understand common issues, as well as share the thoughts and successes of those at the forefront of care.”

On Voices of Care, Suhail speaks to luminaries from across NHS, social care and the private sector including Roisin Fallon Williams, Professor Martin Green, Dr Jane Townson, and Neil Carberry. Each guest aims to share their thoughts to build a collaborative response to the current challenges as well as the future needs of the sector.

recent YouGov survey commissioned by Newcross Healthcare identified areas where urgent action is required such as recruitment, carers’ wellbeing, rate of pay and the changing demands of public health. Current findings suggest over a quarter of care workers are likely to leave the sector within the next 12 months with understaffing, low pay, and lack of recognition being notable reasons for leaving.

Speaking on the first Voices of Care episode launched on Tuesday 1 November, former CEO of NHS England Sir David Nicholson says: “Most of the levers that we will need to improve our overall position are in our own hands.”

“Recruitment, retention, the way we support and help our people, the way we train and educate them – all of those things are a critical part of it.”

Our Voices of Care podcast is available on YouTube as a recorded video series and across multiple podcast platforms, including:

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